[SOLVED] Correct way to setup a bond with MaaS


I’m fed up strugging with MaaS trying to figure out what is the good way to add a bond to a machine.
Here is my setup :

  • I have one MaaS server apparently correctly setup with a default untagged lan whose doing pxe (not routed)
  • I have some (routed) vlans that I can add
  • I have a few servers in Ready state with 2 NICs both attached to 2 stacked switches.

When I just deploy a machine with only 1 interface configured (let’s say NIC1) with no bond (with or without adding a vlan on the interface), everything work just fine and my machine is fully deployed and functionnal as expected.

When I try to create a bond, it seems the network never comes up.

I tried different settings like :

  • checking both NIC and click on “Create bond” then just leave everything as is (active-backup, pxe subnet with IP auto assign, same settings as what I did with only 1 NIC)
  • configuring LACP (with its switch counterpart of course), no more luck
  • tried to let both interfaces in standalone mode and add vlans on top of them then bond those vlans … still failure

I’m out of ideas right now, does anybody have any clue ?

Best regards.

Well … seems that it was our switch side configuration that was faulty so I’m closing this.