[Solved] Any one get SSL proxy working?

Trying to setup web proxy for maas, but I always got error:

Connection lost, reconnecting…
Unable to connect to: wss://***/MAAS/ws

Use wscat -c return error: Invalid WebSocket frame: RSV2 and RSV3 must be clear

But in chrome console, the wss request get 101 switch protocol successfully

Same proxy setup for other websocket application works well.

Any ideas?


I’m not sure what did I change, maybe because I upgrade from 2.4 to 2.5 final. now it’s working well
Kong proxy is the same setup

Hi there,

What version of MAAS are you using? Please refer to the following starting from 2.4+


Tried both 2.4 and 2.5, I assume it’s some misconfiguration on my side.

just wonder what could possibly cause this (Host/Origin Header, csrf token, etc), since my proxy works for other websocket service. I’m using Kong (https://konghq.com/) which support websocket proxy our of the box.