[Solution] MAAS Terraform Ansible Integration

Hey guys,

Today I released the MAASTA project that is used to integrates MAAS, Terraform, and Ansible. MAASTA creates an Ansible inventory for instances that are provisioned by the Terraform.

You can use MAASTA to create an automated infrastructure without any direct human interactions. See examples in the project GitHub repo.

I will create a demonstration video and writing a complete blog post as soon as possible.


Good luck.


Oh wow, this is a great idea. We have developed scripts over years to create, configure and deploy machines, as well as various combinations of Puppet and Ansible to manage them once deployed, but this sounds like it could be more elegant, given time and energy. We’ll stick with what we’ve got for now, but I’ll keep an eye on this.

awesome! Let us know when you’re done, can’t wait to see the blog.

We are also working on a new section for the website where we showcase what others are doing with MAAS - and I’m thinking about doing a podcast format. If you’re interested in that, let me know.

As Terraform has become popular nowadays and many companies use it to provisioning and managing infrastructures, the need for such an integration tool is felt. Because public cloud providers are more popular, those tools have been developed previously. Today we are proud to join this movement, end to end automation, with MAAS. Integrating DevOps tools to achieve an end to end automation is interesting and challenging work in any company. We should work to creating standard paths to solve these challenges.

I will do it asap. That’s great. Sharing success stories and how-tos can make others achieve their needs and show them what can be done with the tool.

The blog post is released.

You can start from here:


Good luck.

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Great work, thank you. Feel free to add me on LinkedIn. We aren’t ready with our resources page yet, but for now I think I know people who would be interested in this work (mostly ansible / terraform fans :wink: ).

Just following up on this, are you ok with us listing your work on a new resources page we are building for the maas.io page?

Sure. The development cycle of MAASTA is active.

great. the MAAS resources page should be live in a week or so, I hope. Keep your eyes peeled :slight_smile: