Soliciting Doc Feedback

Hi, Bill Wear here, soon to join the team as a Developer Advocate.

I’m currently reviewing the docs, and I’d like to know what you think. Specifically:

  • Are they at the correct level of detail? If not, should they be more technical or more tutorial?
  • Are there specific formats that would ease usage, like checklists, step counters, etc?
  • Are there specific things missing (or not detailed enough) that hinder usage?
  • Are there places where unnecessary detail is bogging down the usage?
  • Are there either higher-level docs or low-level tabular formats that should be added?

And, of course, anything else you can brainstorm. Obviously, we’ll prioritize, but I would be very happy to hear what you have to say. You can get in touch via:

For problems with the doc, please create an issue, or you can contribute directly within the Docs Discourse category (the source of the documentation).

If you’d like to adopt MAAS for your enterprise – or you want to partner with Canonical, please fill out the Contact Canonical form and someone will be in touch within one working day. And you can always find professional support at the Ubuntu Advantage shop.