Shutdown after enlisting disable wakeonlan?

I use MAAS with another PXE server (1 for localboot, and the MAAS Pxe Server), and i control which to choose with DHCP.
When i first enlist a machine (first time it PXE-boot on MAAS), the server shutdown. But i can’t wakeonlan this machine, because it seems to be in a deep sleep mode, or something like this (the ethernet is down). When i’m powering my machine manually, i can wakeonlan it without any problems …

How can i change the behaviour after enlisting the machine ? It’s now just shutting down the machine, but maybe i can change some parameters, or even force a reboot, or something else.



I think I’m having a similar issue where sleep is not disabled on the machines that I spinup in 20.04 LTS, and I’d like to have the option of turning it off as a default setting. Not sure where to make that happen in the MaaS system, but I did find this article about how to do it manually once you have the machine up and running:

Or maybe that’s not what you’re getting?

You are both wrong actually. Linus for some reason has changed the default settings in the Linux kernal and NIC drivers to DISABLE wake-on-lan when the kernel boots, even if you have enabled it! This is not something persistant anymore, so before shutting down the system you must reenabled WOL again. Then you can WOL it just fine, but the problem is you must be able to modifiy enlist + commision + deploy images to do this too, else it disables and you are back to square 1 … or alternatively create your own kernel that has this default option changed.

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