Setting the webhook with power token results in a uniqueness index violation in MaaS 3.3.1

This seems very similar to the bug reported here, which was closed: Bug #1929604 “Can not use proxmox power driver with more than on...” : Bugs : MAAS

Is it possible for me to drop this uniqueness constraint or am I better off rolling back to our MaaS 3.0.x install where the webhook feature was working?


If anyone else comes across this, setting “Power user” to a randomly generated and unique username seems to be a viable workaround.

Hi @benhunt, I took a look at the current implementation (here as well) and in general you can’t have multiple machines with the same power type and the same set of parameter values (maas will md5 the parameters and store the hash in the DB, but if the hash is already present in the database index it will throw an exception as you faced). If you change any of the parameters, it will work (that’s why your workaround worked)

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