Serving multiple DHCP subnets from MAAS

I’ve got two different VLANs (“production” and “testing”) which I would like to use with MAAS. So we’ve got MAAS sitting in VLAN “infrastructure”, and a L3 switch routes between “production”, “testing” and “infrastructure”.

The L3 switch also provides DHCP forwarding (which I think is also called DHCP helper in some products) to forward the DHCP broadcasts from “production” to “infrastructure” and from “testing” to “infrastructure”.

We’ve got a single Region+Rack setup.

This works for production. The requests are served, and the machine is able to contact MAAS for commissioning. However, when testing makes a request it gets issued an IP address in production, and therefore commissioning fails.

I believe this has been raised before:, but apparently this functionality should be possible based on:

Can anyone please advise on what the configuration should be?