Selecting the default hardware tests to run during commissioning

By default, MAAS runs Hardware Testing during the commissioning process to ensure the machine is at tip to shape before its made available for use (or set to Ready state).

MAAS provides various native tests and provides the ability to create your own . MAAS provides tests for (More information see

  • Storage (smartctl, badblocks, fio)
  • CPU (7z, stress-ng)
  • Memory (memtests, stress-ng)
  • Environment (ntp, internet connectivity)

However, MAAS only selects one test by default, the smartctl-validate test. If you were to want MAAS to run other tests (including any custom ones), you can easily do so by adding the ‘commissioning’ Tag to the test (Note that this functionality is only available over the API):

maas admin node-script add-tag 7z tag=commissioning

By doing the above, the 7z will be now be run by default the next time you commission a machine.

If you no longer want to run this test during commissioning, you can remove it with:

maas <user> node-script remove-tag 7z tag=commissioning
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