Secure erase lasting over an hour

Hello good people. I have a quick question: How long does secure erase usually take?
I erased one of my nodes as I was releasing it. Had some sort of filesystem error as I restarted the node, so I though i’d just recommission the node. Would give me the chance to utilize the node better too.
But as I started erasing, it seemed way slow. The last message on my node is '[ OK ] Started Message of the Day.

Problem is: status of the node on Maas gui is: ‘Disk erasing’. And it has been for a while.
I am willing to give it the benefit of the doubt, and let it run till tomorrow. I really hope this will fix the problem, as I do not have time for more bugs. Exam in 4 days and this entire thesis (which includes the maas system) is due the 20th.

Any input and/or help would be greatly appreciated!

EDIT: would love to have some way of seeing what Maas is doing, and thus see if it is actully doing anything.

Well it depends. It sounds like you are doing a full disk erasure which can take forever depending on the size of your disk.

I would recommend you do a quick erase or a quick + secure erase

Well, the disks were 8.5TB collectively. I expect they are done when I return to the lab tomorrow then :slight_smile:
Thank you for your response!