Search should be able to search for any known info about a machine or pool of machines

I can click tabs on each machine and see a lot of details… for example, I can see I have a:

HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 with Intel® Xeon® Gold 6240 CPU, ConnectX-4 Lx Network devices, NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPUs, Samsung SSD 983 DCT NVMes.

None of that is searchable but should be.

MAAS knows everything about my hardware but I can’t search, for example, for “All machines with Intel E810-XXV network cards” or “All machines with Xeon Gold CPUs, ignoring Xeon Platinum and Xeon Silver:”

I can’t even search for “All HPE machines, disregarding any Dell machine”

Nor can I search for “DL380” and not see “DL385”

MAAS has all this information, but makes none of it useful for filtering out a list of potentially hundreds or thousands of machines, and it should.