Rookie question, dual NIC setup for controller machine

I’m trying to set up a MaaS test environment and had a question on networking.

I understand this question is NOT a MaaS specific question and more of a general networking topic. I’ll go research it more elsewhere but I wanted to toss the question here for any noobs that might come here like I did. I’ll post my learnings but if anyone else has a quick answer it would be greatly appreciated. Some of the topics I am reading are 10 years old and may or may not still be best practice. Maybe NetPlan or using the Desktop Network Settings UI is better.

I am using a 19.10 desktop machine for my controller with 2 NICs. At least on this controller I want eth0 to be DHCP from my home ISP router. The eth1 would be for the client machines. Maybe allow the clients to access the internet through the controller.

Thanks for any help and I will post what I learn here too.

I found this which helped a lot with the NetPlan setup.

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