Restore_storage_configuration api call broken on 3.0

I heavily leverage python-libmaas for my maasterblaster in-house tool, which leverages this api to drive maas for our needs. When testing against maas 3.0 in our staging environment we found significant breakage with regards to partitioning machines, which we backtracked to machine.restore_storage_configuration() no longer actually restoring the storage configuration to a “blank slate” compared to 2.9.2, I’m forced to use an older method to manually remove volume groups, partitions, network interfaces, disks and tags.

Another one that also is unusual is machine.deploy() (from python-libmaas) is now blowing up for me
error: b"Failed to render preseed: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘url’" Searching seems to bring up which is quite old and seemingly long since fixed. Nothing jumps out of the maas or regiond logs in the environment.