Restore documentation for snaps

Hi folks, the restore docs for the snaps need a bit of clean up as it looks like it still refers to some services and binaries for the package installs.

Example: Stop critical services refers to MAAS services and not stopping the snap

Example Recreating/updating the DB refers to sudo maas-region dbupgrade which is not a command available to snap installs. Where is this binary for snaps or how can this be done for snaps?

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@szeestraten, good catch! could you please file a bug for this, so it doesn’t slip through my fingers later on? Thanks again for the assist!

P.S. I thought all docs and feature requests were supposed to be posted here.

thanks. you did the right thing both times! there’s no hard and fast rule, but nothing wrong with starting on discourse as you did. sometimes we move or elevate, depending on the current workload and/or complexity of the fix.