Resource pools & VM creation

I’m looking to see if there is a way to tell the vm-host compose command to use a specific pool for resources instead of a KVM host ID. By doing it this way, an end-user will be less concerned about running out of resources on any one specific host. From my attempts, I couldn’t figure out how to do this. Thank you.

@james-o-benson, a bit late, but i don’t think vm-host compose can do this. did you ever figure this out?

@billwear, better late than never :wink:

Correct, vm-host compose can’t do that. My solution was to investigate each host, interrogate it on its resources and build my own scheduler based on those results. It does take a bit to query each host (luckily only 2-3 in my case), but still, not so bad.

That said, I do wish that maas would enable virsh migrate --live GuestName DestinationURL inside of maas to help migrate VM’s around. I recently had to shut down a KVM host, and no way to easily migrate the VM’s. But this function would also be great to balance things out and take some of the stress away. Good luck!

nice. snappy solution, i’m impressed.

you can submit a feature request if you want. glad you got it worked out.

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