Replatforming MAAS

Hi all,
I want to move my MAAS server (regiond+rackd) onto a new bit of hardware. How do people do this?

I’m already using a standalone PostgreSQL server, so do I just need to deploy a fresh MAAS and just hook it up to the database?

What about all the boot resources used by rackd?


Hi @lloyd,

Moving from one hardware to other is straightforward process when your database is on standalone server outside of MaaS.
All data is stored there so stop old server install new one and point to database after that restart the service and that’s it. If you hit error like this:

AssertionError: The secret stored in the database does not match the secret stored on the filesystem at /var/lib/maas/secret. Please investigate.

sudo cat /var/lib/maas/secret

This'll give you a 16 digit hex number that you need to copy: d654005603ae34f6eac0f66becfec564

sudo maas-provision install-shared-secret # it 'll ask for the above secret you copy' d

# Fix database

~$ sudo su - postgres

~$ psql maasdb

maasdb => select * from maasserver_config;

id | name | value


1 | rpc_shared_secret | "05e2NOT_REALLY_MY_SECRET03d412547"

( 1 row)

maasdb=> begin transaction ;


maasdb=> update maasserver_config set value = 'd654005603ae34f6eac0f66becfec564' where id = 1 ;


maasdb=> end

maasdb-> ;


maasdb=> select * from maasserver_config ;

id | name | value


1 | rpc_shared_secret | d654005603ae34f6eac0f66becfec564

( 1 row)




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