Removing DNS Entry Removal Fails with GUI and CLI

From here: http://maas:5240/MAAS/#/domain/0

I removed manually entered host entries but they remained even after I removed with the GUI and then via this example [solved][2.4]having difficulty deleting a dns record

See image below NOTE: I did not place those as xx-xx-xx-xx I used machine names. maas replaced as this when I attempted to delete

If I attempted to delete hp1 the same thing would happen

Hi we are facing the exact same problem. Did you find any solution in the meantime?

I think I just found out what’s going on. When you do such an error a static ip address is reserved based on the data field of dns record. In your case,

You can try do the following:
maas root ipaddresses release ip=
maas root ipaddresses release ip=

In my case I managed to delete both the reserved ip and also the stale dns record


On maas-3.4.2

i had same issue with this different error but i removed with the suggested command

maas root ipaddresses release ip=