Release Management

There are several steps involved in managing and making a release of MAAS. This is an attempt to document what is currently done, and is not intended to be prescriptive of how it should work.

How to release MAAS

  1. Bump version in

  2. Edit debian/changelog to add a new entry with a version like

dch -v 2.6.1-0ubuntu1

Note that this will be replaced by the “full” version number by a script

  1. git add debian/changelog

  2. Tag (annotated)

git tag -a $NEW_VERSION

  1. (in MAAS dev env) $ utilities/release-build focal eoan disco bionic

  2. cd build-pkg; for build in *.changes; do dput ppa:maas/2.7 $build; done

  3. Wait for LP to build

  4. Post release notes/announcments in Discourse

  5. Close bugs - lp:juju-release-tools’s … with a diff!