Release Cadence, is there one?

I’ve been blocked on moving to maas 2.9.x due to a bug fixed in the candidate snap but hasn’t yet reached the stable channel. Internal policy restricts me from running candidate/beta/edge on production (only on staging/testing environments). We’re experiencing a lot of pain being stuck on 2.6.x with a large environment (1000+ machines, 14 rack controllers) and desperately want to move to 2.9.x but cannot until the version in candidate is released because the current 2.9.x stable has a broken python-twisted which breaks API calls that our internal automation depends on.

IS there a release cadence so we can expect some windows of time between when something hits the candidate track and then to stable so we can plan ahead for it? Can someone bless the current candidate and push it to stable sometime soon?

2.9/stable: 2.9.2-9164-g.ac176b5c4 2021-02-17 (11851) 150MB - <-API BROKEN FOR US
2.9/candidate: 2.9.2-9165-g.c3e7848d1 2021-03-22 (12555) 149MB - <- API works for us


@sparkiegeek this is worrying. Can we do something to speed this up please ?

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