Recommended stable version

For someone that’s never used MAAS what is the current recommended stable version?
From the comments I’ve read it sounds like 2.6.0 that’s in the stable PPA has some serious performance issues.
I have about 100 physical servers that I would need to manage.
Is there another PPA where I can still get the 2.5 releases? Should I go with 2.4.2 that’s in bionic-updates?

I would recommend waiting for 2.6.1 because the first release candidate for 2.6.1 was just announced meaning that 2.6.1 shouldn’t be too far away and you get to stay on the current stable version.


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@lloyd Thanks for your input. Would you mind describing your MAAS environment? How many machines do you manage with it?

I’m just going to add this link as a reference Performance improvements in 2.6

I manage several machines in my MAAS environment. Not several hundred. Several.

I use MAAS to help manage my lab/playpen environment and I get to rebuild what I want, when I want.

My nodes are a mix of older/smaller systems that only support manual power and some Xeons that do the IPMI thing.

The release notes mention the performance problems are related to large numbers of historical events, whatever an event is. My MAAS environment hasn’t seen a lot of activity recently, but in the past it has been used and abused. As you can imagine, I don’t have vendor support for my hardware, so anything that might be a bit iffy stays in use. For some time one of my nodes was configured to use an IPMI IP address attached to a broken physical management port, so that might have generated a few events.


As has already been said, right now the recommended version is 2.6.1.

Initially we thought the performance problems in 2.6.0 were related to a large number of machines, but after investigation, as you have seen it was actually reproducible at a small scale but long lived machines.