Recommended approach to integrate MAAS with an existing dhcp? how to migrate from a different deployment tool?


We are testing MAAS and we plan to migrate from foreman to MAAS. The main problem we are facing is that we already have a dhcp/pxe boot environment managed by foreman and we are not sure what would be the best approach to do a transparent migration from foreman to MAAS.

Our first idea was to use the discovery functionality in MAAS and once it finds all the existing ips/macs in our network register all them in MAAS as “external” so the dhcp server in MAAS ignores them and then move them to be managed by MAAS in batches but we haven’t found a way to do it from cli. We are not sure either if this would be the best approach.

Do you have any recommendation about best practices or recommended approaches to deploy MAAS to replace an existing deployment tool?

thanks in advance for any help or advice.

Hi Pablo,

Such a configuration can be achieved using DHCP Relay I believe. It is possible to integrate MAAS using an existing DHCP server, however I am not sure how much of that configuration is public. Canonical support or Field Engineering may be able to help.

We have definitely done projects in the past where we have integrated with existing DHCP servers used within an existing Enterprise. This does have some limitations if I recall correctly though.

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Hello @pescobar ,

We had that problem with an existing windows DHCP server and we solved it by adding

option 66 Boot Server Host Name, this points to the IP of the interface or the rack controller.

option 66 Bootfile Name value = /pxelinux.0

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