Realtime deployment scenario using MAAS

Hi All,

I recently started playing with MAAS to deploy my servers in a rack. So far it had been positive but needs more testing of the same.

Is there a solution guide for MAAS in a datacentre with leaf spine topology ? Since we have an existing deployment (brownfield) I am thinking of transition plan for the same using MAAS.

Hi @codingfreak

It’s hard for us as a company to share what we’ve done for others.
From a Canonical perspective, what you’re asking is something we do on a case by case basis, usually in a consulting engagement.

Hopefully other community members can chime in and tell how they approached transitioning to MAAS considering a bronwfield deployment with a leaf spine topology.

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Thanks for the reply @troyanov

Well i understand canonical cannot share their customer deployment scenarios especially when they are designed as part of consulting engagement.

I was only looking for any open deployment solution which canonical would have shared in the past in a webinar or demo. Since a product can be deployed in thousand different ways with different options, even a single version would be of great understanding for newbies like me.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by leaf spine in this setting, but we have MAAS running DNS, DHCP and machine management for a subset of our machines, in a data centre which is overall run by other tools (xCat, a bit of Proxmox, ISC DHCP, a custom IPAM system, etc). The way we keep it separated is via VLANs, which are only propagated to the switches we need them on. In fact, the two rackd machines we have manage machines in separate sets of racks with separate VLANs and as such they don’t have much to do with each other except of course for their association with the single regiond server.

Ours is not (currently?) a transition plan for total takeover, but in theory I guess it could be. I don’t know if any of that helps, but I’m happy to talk about our setup some more if you like.


Hi @gregoryo2017

Thanks for the reply.

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by leaf spine in this setting,

Well I was referring to recent trend in data center networking as shown below

Thanks, we’re moving in that direction too, particularly with our high speed networking. I’m not deeply involved in networking and wondered if there was another reference but it seems like I thought of the right thing.

Not yet. We have some ideas to use the MAAS API or CLI or something to collect that data from MAAS periodically and then push it to central IPAM.