Raspberry pi 4 deployment

Hi Maas users,

I’ve been trying to setup a Rasperry pi 4 using maas, but I need a bit of advice to before I delve much further.

We currently use 2.6 in our live environments, and we’re now starting to migrate to 2.7, in this process we want to deploy some Raspberry pi 4’s which we use in with opencast to film on line courses etc.

So, in short. We just want to plug the rpi into POE network port with a camera and we’ll then pick it up in opencast and use it to record a session.

I’ve manually setup a PXE server for the pi and it works perfectly. The following guide was used to set it up.


Note: I do eventually want to the pi to boot from an nfs location, so we can centralise configurations etc, but jut getting maas working is my current headache !

On maas I’ve enabled 20.04LTS/arm64 in images.

When I fire up the rpi I get these log entries.

May 5 07:54:15 maas-dev dhcpd[2528]: DHCPDISCOVER from dc:a6:32:07:00:b0 (raspberrypi) via ens3
May 5 07:54:16 maas-dev dhcpd[2528]: DHCPOFFER on to dc:a6:32:07:00:b0 (raspberrypi) via ens3

Clearly I’ve got more work to do, but I’m not sure where I should start.

But then nothing else, any help would be greatly appreciated.



@joolski, your use of the raspberry pi is great; love what you’ve accomplished so far. on the assistance side, this is something we’ve glanced at, but we haven’t really delved into it, and it’s not on our roadmap right now – consequently, i’m not sure we can be much help at the moment. sorry about that.