Questions regarding High Avalability gotchas

I’ve just converted my single standalone MAAS to a HA configuration with 2x Region+Rack Controllers.

Resources that have already been deployed don’t seem to be refreshing their cloud-init configuration. They still only got one DNS resolver etc.

Any newly deployed resources (Post HA) seem to be deployed correctly, 2 DNS resolvers etc.

Is it possible to get Pre-HA MaaS deployed resources to refresh their cloud-init data?

Sorry for the terrible explanation

My experience with changes to MAAS post-deployment requires you to make the changes to the deployed machines manually until you choose to rebuild them via MAAS mechanisms. Cloud-init should only run once on the host when you initially deploy it, so changing cloud-init data would require a re-deploy.

Thanks @afreiberger

That’s what I did but was a bit hesitant because every cloud-init generated conf file is plastered with “do not make manual changes changes will get overwritten at boot” but if you say it only runs once at instance create then we’re good :metal:

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