Question about partitioning in MAAS

I’m looking into Maas to manage desktops, and one of the issue I’ll face is the following : how can I deal with pre-existing partitions with Maas (e.g. for dual boot) ?

In I can see multiple supported layouts layouts, but I’m not sure about maintaining existing partitions, without overwriting them… Is that supported in MAAS ?


Hi, nope it’s not supported out of the box from any linux distribution installer. If you have a windows partition you have to shrink it first using windows, and then you can install ubuntu beside windows. However MAAS does not support dual boot out of the box, you might be able to achieve this with some customization

edit: well, actually you could shrink the windows partition while installing linux but you will likely break windows.

I wasn’t expecting the installer to shrink, but to only use the free space at the end of a disk and install from there. Even managing the dualboot would not really be “needed” from the maas installation (as it could probably be done later) : i’m just searching for a way for maas to not overwrite existing partitions.

I take it from your message that this isn’t possible?

Thanks !

yes, this is not supported out of the box