Question about MAAS DNS setup during deployment

Hi all,

I wanted to enquire about the way the MAAS assigns DNS settings. The scenario is as follows,
I have a bare metal machine having only a network card configured for untagged traffic(no OS at all) , it sends a DHCPDISCOVER as described here
Then MAAS installs the OS and the machine is visible there.
I configured the MAAS to assign 2 network adapters to the machine, one for tagged and one for untagged traffic, that is of course visible in netplan generated in MAAS put in /etc/netplan.
The machine is also able to resolve other machines registered in MAAS by hostnames and that is of course a result of granting MAAS access to its internal DNS, in resolved.conf found in /run/systemd/network I found a standard entry


I suppose it is set up by “Alow DNS” setting. The question is, is there any piece of documentation which descrbes this bahaviour and gives answer to my question?
Is one able to configure MAAS instanace as DNS in a custom VM not having been onboarded to MAAS instance?
Can you provide me with any resources describing that ?

Thank you in advance


If your asking, can a non enrolled machine use MAAS for DNS, yes it can. Simply point its nameserver directive at the MAAS dns server IP.

That should do it.

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