QU About DHCP Snippets In Conjunction w/ MaaS's hosted boot-resources

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I was curious about the following scenario:

  • being able to upload / manually uploading a “non-maas” style set of boot artifacts like: vmlinuz, rootfs, initrd, and a “non-maas” iso, somewhere …either internally on a host that is running MaaS or externally somewhere that MaaS can talk to
  • creating a DHCP snippet, that MaaS can use to provision a node, that will in turn just do more like a generic pxe boot

It seems like this would be possible, but I’m a little lost as to digging into how this could be accomplished - like maybe if MaaS allows users to use it’s internal tftp server for it’s own boot resources, somewhere to drop the artifacts - or if MaaS doesn’t allow that on the host, but rather would be entirely dependent on an external artifact server being created

Thanks for any input, examples or docs!


Maybe this would involve editing rackd somehow? I’m not sure :slight_smile: -

afaik (and i checked with others, too), our TFTP & DHCP aren’t set up to do this. maybe you could hack something, but we would have to disavow any knowledge of your actions. :slight_smile:

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That’s fair that this might be outside the scope of MaaS currently - would this ever be something that could be considered in being a feature request?

Has anyone in the community by chance that you know of, leveraged something like Elemental ToolKit for building custom images for MaaS instead of Packer? Or if anyone has had success converting the Elemental Toolkit process over to a Packer process?

Thanks so much for writing back!

@irishgordogordo, these aren’t questions i have ready answers for; you can ask for anything in a feature request, but consideration is beyond my clairvoyant abilities, which don’t exist. :slight_smile: maybe somebody in the community has some ideas?

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