PXE not working after upgrading to 2.5.0


It’s possible the issue did occur on 2.5 also, but I haven’t been able to verify as 2.5 seems to be unavailable. I was suggesting 2.5 as to me it was the last known good version to my environment.


I’m collecting logs and detail here.


my lab is on vmware fusion, I’ve the same issue on 2.6.0


hi, did you resolve that?


No. Reverting back to 2.4.2 allows me to PXE boot those servers, but at a loss of all the 2.5.x+ functionality.


I’ve reported that on bugs.launchpad.net here is the link is the link. Let’s see if someone has our same issue.


I’ve made the same thing… reverting back to 2.4.2 with the 2.5 and 2.6 the PXE boot on vmware fusion not works.