PXE - MAAS-provided DHCP problems for default VLAN


I’m running MAAS (snap) 3.0.0-rc1. It’s been running fine since early May, running as a region+rackd unit. Last week I added another rackd. After that, PXE booting does not work. I’ve removed the new rackd, hoping that it would fix it, but no change happened wrt. PXE function. So, I re-added it.

Initially, I noticed that the /var/snap/maas/common/dhcpd.conf only contained the interfaces that had ‘MAAS-provided’, that were NOT default VLANS, i.e. only VLANS >0.

Disabling, then re-enabling (a couple of times) DHCP for the default VLANs seems to have solved this, as now they are showing up in the dhcpd.conf file. I noticed no difference if it is the original region+rackd or the new rackd that acts as primary DHCP.

This (updated dhcpd.conf) gave me some hope, but looking at the /var/snap/maas/common/log/dhcpd.log (or /var/snap/maas/common/maas/dhcpd-interfaces), it does not contain the new interfaces (dhcpd.conf), it only shows the old interfaces (VLAN>0). It seems that the log file has been updated at the same time as the dhcpd.conf was updated, hopefully indicating that it was restarted as the config changed.



it’s hard to say what the problem is. But it could be a bug, so it would be good file file one at https://launchpad.net/maas/+filebug

To debug, I’ll need the output from maas $profile subnets read and maas $profile rack-controllers, as well as dhcpd.conf, maas.log, regiond.log and rackd.log.


Hrm, submitted as https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/1929581.

The log info should still be there, but as I had to solve the problem of not having hosts PXE booting, I disabled this MAAS, and deployed another in parallel (I realized now that I might have opened a can of worms, due to the auto enlist/commision, in case one of the operational hosts’ restarts).

Have no idea how it works, but I’ve worked with DHCPd a couple of times. Perhaps the dhcpd-interfaces file needs to be updated, at the same time as DHCP.conf. That would be my guess.

Hopefully, you will see something that can help you.