PXE boot with vlan without native vlan set

Already asked this in IRC, but let’s move it over here. So a bit of copy pasting coming up:

Having a problem with the “Fetching netbook image” @ boot. What we’ve done is we have set the VLAN tag in UEFI to match our network vlan. We manage to download the bootx64.efi image from MAAS. But after that it goes to “Fetching Netboot Image” and sticks there.

What I am guessing without knowing how things should work, is that our UEFI tells the network card correctly to vlan tag the traffic. And it manages to do so and fetches the bootx64.efi. But after the .efi package has arrived and we start fetching the next stuff, it just fails, because it is untagged.

If we change the native vlan from the switch to match the vlan value we use, MAAS starts deploying just fine. So it seems the traffic beyond the first package isn’t vlan tagged. How would I proceed in fixing that?

Do have to “edit” the bootx64.efi somehow to inform that traffic beyond this point should be vlan tagged, or is this a bug in Dell’s UEFI / PXE code that it stops tagging the traffic?

The idea is that we don’t want to adjust the switch’s native vlan as it is not controlled by us. But we do have access to our own hosts UEFI which is controllable via iDRAC’s racadm. So we can tell the host to switch VLAN and boot from one maas to another, whenever we do a system upgrade.