PXE 2.0 v6.04 - Failed to load ldlinux.c32


I have a problem when commissioning a machine with MAAS 3.3.4. I saw that some people already faced similar problems, but didn’t post a solution.

This is a BL460c Gen8 server and HP FlexFabric 10Gb 2-port 554FLB Adapter.

Hi @joelemanoel

Is there any interesting log in the rackd and the regiond? You can take a look here https://maas.io/docs/about-log-files#heading--Using-the-logs-directly on how to extract the logs.

In addition to that: do you have another DHCP server running in that subnet?

@r00ta, thanks for answering.

rackd.log: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/3gMkNMtcjY/
maas.log: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/FNR4XDj864/

Hide IPs and senstivity data.

I’m checking this log:

2023-07-21 23:52:35 provisioningserver.dhcp.detect: [info] External DHCP server(s) discovered on interface ‘eth0’: XX.XXX.XX.10

It is worth remembering that the error starts even at commissioning.

In previous topics I read that in MAAS 2.4 it was 100% TFTP and in MAAS 2.5 it changed to lpxelinux.0 TFTP and the rest of the files would be via HTTP and this impacted on some older servers.

Hi @joelemanoel
Are you trying to use MAAS with external DHCP server?

It could be that you have both MAAS DHCP and external DHCP server. According to your screenshot external one sends DHCP Offer first, so machine is not booted towards MAAS actually.

We are not using an External DHCP. This server listed by MAAS is a server that has a DHCP server.

However, I have a few points to consider:

  1. Other servers with DL20 Gen9, DL360p Gen8 worked correctly with MAAS, only BL460c Gen8 had problem.
  2. Despite having hidden it in the screenshot, it correctly caught the MAAS IP.

It looks like the machine is getting the IP XX.XXX.XX.45 from the non-MAAS DHCP server as @troyanov pointed out. In order to ensure this is the root of the problem, could you turn off (or just unplug) the machine that has the DHCP server and retry?

On the PXE screen it correctly shows the MAAS IP as the DHCP IP.
After disabling the other DHCP server still continues.
In the logs it is also possible to see the TFTP request with lpxelinux.0, but after that it does not proceed.

Hello everyone!

I also had this issue, so I checked further and it seens to be an issue when provisioning and commissioning on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS when you have an external DHCP server.

When we provision Ubuntu 20 or older there is no issue, and everything works as expected.

Disabling the external DHCP server was enough to fix it.

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