Puppet and LDAP Integration

I was on the main page for MaaS, and I was seeing that MaaS has integration with Puppet and LDAP. However I can’t seem to find any documentation on those things. I’m sure the documentation exists somewhere, so could someone please point me towards these resources? Sorry if this is a bit of a dumb question but from looking around there’s not really an obvious link to find these resources.



I didn’t find anything about setting up LDAP or SAML, but I dig dig around in the /etc/maas/preseeds/ directory and find a method of adding some scripting. In that directory you’ll find a few files that control the enlistment, commissioning and deployment phases. You want to look at the curtin files.


Under late_commands you can use curtin to run commands on the server as final prep. So, I’m running salt and added

  30_packages: ["curtin", "in-target", "--", "sh", "-c", "/usr/bin/apt install git"]
  40_clone: ["curtin", "in-target", "--", "sh", "-c", "git clone https://<my-private-url>/configuration-engineering/preseed-bootstrap.git /tmp/preseed-bootstrap"]
  50_salt_install: ["curtin", "in-target", "--", "sh", "-c", "/bin/chmod +x /tmp/preseed-bootstrap/salt-ubuntu.sh; /tmp/preseed-bootstrap/salt-ubuntu.sh"]

So, basically, I have a git repo with some boot strap scripts… but you could just curl or wget a script, chmod it and then run it. Does that make sense?

I hope it helps and I’m ready to buy MaaS if I can figure out the LDAP or SAML integration.