Proxmox power type not changing boot mode

I began by creating a VM in Proxmox and chose the “no media” option. On the first boot, since there was nothing bootable on the virtual hard drive, nor a “cd”, the VM defaulted to PXE boot where MAAS was able to commision it.

After commissioning, I deployed the VM through MAAS (after having configured the Proxmox power type) but discovered I made a slight mistake before deploying. No matter, I’ll just redeploy, I thought. However, now when I press “deploy” through the UI, MAAS powers on the VM just fine but the VM still defaults to booting into the hard drive instead of PXE booting. At the moment I have to manually PXE boot the VM through the Proxmox console whenever I want to re-commision/re-deploy a VM.

Is there anything I can do to make it so recommissioning/re-deploying a VM through the MAAS UI correctly makes the Proxmox VM PXE boot?

From Proxmox, under the VM’s options, you can change the boot order.

That’s all well and good, however that still requires manual action every time I want to re-commission/re-deploy a machine.

Optimally the VM should boot from its hard drive normally (for example a regular reboot should not make the VM PXE boot).
Then, if I want to re-deploy a machine I would optimally simply click the buttons in MAAS and have the machine switch to PXE boot.

In other words, I’d like to have MAAS control the boot order so I wouldn’t have to go into the Proxmox settings and change the boot order every time I want to re-deploy. I can do this with regular IPMI and ESXi power types.

@purvaldur, this might be a feature request – but don’t change it yet! :slight_smile: i’ll ask the team and see what they think, probably be a day or so.

@purvaldur, it’s a known limitation of the proxmox driver. you’d need to add a feature request to the “Features” category.

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