Problems trying to use MAAS for the first time

I installed using snap on a rocky linux distro that previously had cobbler running on it.

I’m having trouble enabling dhcp.

When trying to go in to a vlan DHCP configuration, I see this error:

This VLAN is not currently being utilised on any rack controller.

Under controllers, I only see a region controller. When I follow the instructions to add a “Rack Controller”:

maas init rack --maas-url --secret XXX

this results in an error:


The server connection failed with the error “Bad Gateway”.

and I can’t get anywhere in the web interface at this point. I have to start from scratch with

maas init region+rack --database-uri “postgres://maascli:maascli@localhost/maasclidb”

to get the interface to function again.

I see this init includes both region and rack, but when I look at the interface, I only see region defined.

Really this is my first attempt at MAAS after using Cobbler for years, so if there’s more useful information, please let me know.

Solved the issue once I found the logs. The rack controller couldn’t start because I had tftp running from the Cobbler installation.


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