Problems in adding discovery

I am having problems in adding machines. I am able to see the list in discovery, but able to add only as device, not machine. I tried to add manually using MAC ID, even then the machine data does not show up. Looks like some kind of BMC issue. Any direction on how to trouble shoot?

Hi @caremedical

Could you please describe all the steps to reproduce your scenario? It sounds like you are trying to enlist a machine (i.e. power on the machine manually and wait until it show up in the UI. If so, do you see anything on the machine screen?)

I was using MAAS 3.2 and and DHCP and Subnet etc was fine. I upgraded to 3.4 along with Postgres 14 and started having all kinds of issues.

  1. First issue was Space concept. Somehow missed on this. Documentation as well UI was not clear. I understand the concept is similar to namespace of linux and kubernetes. But if this is such a high level features, it should not be hiding in the filter menus.

Create a space should have been there.
Then in the Subnet Page, having the table in the following logical order makes sense.
Spaces, Fabric, Subnet, VLAN — These columns in the table would help a lot.

In my case it was due to space issue.

  1. After creating the space and moving the subnet over there, I still had issues.
    Checked the status on CLI and noted that the NTP server not working. Read few references and try to start chrony service and still no go.

Planning to scrap the deployment and start from scratch again.

  1. As for the machine/device issue, it is likely BMC issue. Got some kind of BMC error on few machines when I tried to test. Probably only SNMP is working and not IPMI. By the way, if upgrading from MAAS from 3.2 to 3.4 changes to Redfish as default instead of IPMI… that could also be an issue. I still do not have any solutions and will reinstall everything and post here.