Problem reenlisting deployed machine

I’m testing the new reenlist feature in version 3.1 I just installed.

I have a deployed machine that I want to update the hardware for.

I have followed the details here where I did the How to update hardware information for a deployed machine steps:

wget http://$MAAS_IP:5240/MAAS/maas-run-scripts
chmod 755 maas-run-scripts
./maas-run-scripts report-results --config $HOSTNAME.yaml
(where $HOSTNAME.yaml is the file with the info with info all in the right format)

The script runs OK and I can see the output in /tmp/tmptb_ak424/out/maas-lshw.out (where I added some HDD to the system) I can see it has it correct there.

In MAAS GUI I don’t see the info updated as I see Commissioning is marked as failed, and under the 50-maas-01-commissioning details I see it has “Failed to parse /tmp/tmptb_ak424/resources.json: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)” that file has no content.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong or missing from this, any help would be appreciated.

can you post a copy of your $HOSTNAME.yaml file?

@mikectza, did you ever solve this?