Prevent MAAS from enabling IPMI?

We use redfish exclusively for our equipment and disable IPMI after adding a machine to MAAS

If that system is recommissioned, MAAS turns IPMI back on.

How do I configure MAAS to not enable IPMI?

Is it not simply a matter of ticking “Skip configuring supported BMC controllers with a MAAS generated username and password” at the Commissioning stage?

(This is certainly what I use when commissioning Moonshot blades, and preventing it changing the machine type from Msmc to IPMI.)

We already do that, but this is a large environment and eventually someone recomissions a machine without checking that box.

I don’t recall seeing a way to set a default for that, did you find one?

No, I don’t know of one, sorry. It would be a good idea to have that configurable globally; we too don’t want to have it run by accident.

@evan.sikorski, did you ever work this out?