Power settings for multiple machines linked

I am at a loss here. I’ve been struggling with recovering a MAAS install that was working fine for months.

maas 3.2.6-12016-g.19812b4da 23947 3.2/stable canonical✓ -

I discovered that multiple machines had the same IPMI IP address A. I ascertained that the first machine actually owned that IP. The second machine’s IP was actually B so I fixed it via the MAAS GUI. The third machine’s IP was actually C, but when I went to fix it, I discovered that the third machine’s IP had also been set to B. So I set it to C and went back to the second machine and it had been set to C now.

How is this possible? I doubled checked that the UIDs were different.

I deleted and re-added the second machine and all seems well now.

FYI, the first machine was NOT affected by my editing of the second and third machines.