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So I have a number of servers I’ve used MAAS to build and configure, but one of them is misbehaving. I’m using the latest snap instal of MAAS:

$ sudo snap list maas
Name  Version                  Rev    Tracking    Publisher   Notes
maas  3.2.4-12012-g.91c5952db  23425  3.2/stable  canonical✓  -

When I power it up - it boots to PXE and lets MAAS control things properly, and when it comples comissioning it comes up with ‘Power error’ at the top next to the hostname: Screenshot 2022-08-31 at 14.27.55

The only detail it shows me is at the top of the logs: Failed to query node’s BMC
Screenshot 2022-08-31 at 14.27.38

I’ve tried a number of things to resolve it, but it keeps coming back with every attempt.
Here’s a list of the things I’ve done:

  1. Updated the drivers, bios, iDrac, Network and everything Dell would have me update.
  2. Removed the system from MAAS, and rebooted again.
  3. Removed the system from MAAS, rebooted the iDrac, removed the MAAS user from the iDrac, and rebooted again.
  4. Verified the connection to the switch is running at the proper speed (1gbps) on both sides of the connection.

These have all failed. I have 4 or 5 other hosts on similar hardware make and model working flawlessly.

What can I do to properly diagnose this problem and figure out how to fix it?


~~ Charles

Hi, could you please provide MAAS logs (regiond.log and rackd.log when the error shows?

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I’ve had this happen on several of my servers consistently. For whatever reason, on commission, the auto configuration will change the “Cypher Suite ID” to 17 (or something else). I have found that changing it back to ‘3’ and then checking power fixes the issue. I can’t remember off the top of my head, but I think the “default” is set somewhere and for some reason a couple of BMC’s will ignore that and set a different one during commission.

I was able to resolve the issue on this host by making the iDRAC interface stand-alone instead of shared. I’ll look into the Cypher suite ID on the other hosts that are being difficult though. Thanks @nanderson91

~~ Charles

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