Possible to deploy NixOS images from MaaS?

Hi all,

I was wondering if it’s possible to deploy NixOS to my cluster of RPI4s that have already been provisioned by MaaS before with Ubuntu Images. Would it be possible to directly inject the image from MaaS? I tried using the NixOS AArch64 generic image link and it didn’t seem to recognize it in the UI.

I did notice that NixOS could be deployed using Terraform. and there is a wrapper from a fellow developer that integrates MaaS, Terraform and Ansible together.

I am open to hearing your thoughts and facilitating further discussion on this subject matter. Thanks for your time and attention.

I think the way to add images to MAAS, is through the CLI.


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It seems CLI use requires purchasing Ubuntu Advantage support as per the doc

Canonical provides both lp:maas-image-builder and gh:canonical/packer-maas to support creating custom images. These custom images can include static Ubuntu images, created with whatever tool you choose, as well as other OS images. Note that MAAS Image Builder requires the purchase of Ubuntu Advantage support.

Seems like I will have to investigate and try the terraform provisioning route as I am simply experimenting in my homelab and am not a commercial/enterprise user :slightly_frowning_face:


AFAIU maas-image-builder simplifies the situation.

But you can use Packer to build images. It is perhaps not as easy (all is relative), but it can be done. Then pushing the image into MAAS, is done through cli (maas boot-resource create …).

I’ll be taking a path down this rabbit hole shortly.

See the packer-example (MAAS.io/doc/images… etc) , but make sure to use the Packer install from hashicorp, not the one in the doc/readme as it will install an old version.