Possible to avoid running all user commissioning scripts by default?

Hi, is there a way to set the metadata of user commissioning scripts so they don’t end up being selected and run by default when commissioning? I’m trying to create multiple firmware update commissioning scripts however they all get selected automatically which makes a bit of a mess.

I would like to +1 this.

I’ve had to write an if statement into my one of my commissioning scripts (which builds RAID volumes) to skip the task if a RAID controller was not found otherwise the script fails on composed virtual machines. It appears by default composed machines execute all user commissioning scripts.

This will probably hold true for Firmware update scripts too.

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Hi @szeestraten, @dvnt - in MAAS bug 1881919 we implemented support for marking certain commissioning scripts as being noauto which as the name suggests, means they won’t be selected to run by default.

Additionally you can specify via for_hardware metadata which machines they should run on. https://maas.io/docs/snap/2.9/ui/commissioning-and-hardware-testing-scripts#heading--metadata-fields


Heeeey! Cool!
I’m guessing this will be in 2.9.x?
Assuming the context would be no_auto: true

Going to give for_hardware a try

It’s in 2.8.0 onwards, and additionally backported to 2.7.2

Sorry, I should have been clearer this is a tag for a script - the tag is noauto - find out more about tagging scripts here: https://maas.io/docs/cli-testing-scripts#heading--tags


@sparkiegeek thank you! Sounds like noauto tag is what I’m looking for.

Perhaps it would be good to edit or add this to the Automatic script selection by hardware type section to explicitly list all the “special” script tags such as noauto, update_firmware and configure_hba? @billwear

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@szeestraten, yep; that’s good advice, task accepted. thanks!

I didn’t even realise it until reading @evan.sikorski’s post about IPMI, but this will suit us well, thank you.

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