Port bonding doesn't work with MAAS/ubuntu 20.04

Even with active backup, I get an error at the gateway-connectivity test: Failed to apply custom network configuration View log. Unable to communicate to the MAAS metadata service after applying custom network configuration.

I tried several protocols.

@peacekeeper, i moved your post to the Users category to get wider viewership. it’s a bank holiday today for most of us, but I’ll alert someone who’s online today to your issue.

The way MAAS knows a deployment has finished is when the deployed environment requests user data. This is typically done by cloud-init in the deployed operating system upon reboot where your network settings have been applied. If the deployed operating system doesn’t request user-data MAAS considers the deployment a failure. Because of this network testing requires your network configuration to allow access to MAAS. You must ensure your network configuration allows access to MAAS.

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