Populate Note [Machine configuration] using cli or python maas


is there a way to populate the string field Note under Machine configuration in the configuration tab of a machine ?

Really interested in python-maas way and Note appear as a column in the machine page.


What about using static annotations?

Thanks @anton5mith, I’m already using dynamic annotation.

You mean that static annotation is the one that appear in in the “note” column ?
Is there a way with python-maas ?
Using it with dynamic annotation…


No, I meant to use it instead of. It can populate the “description” field. What are you going to use the note field for in the config page?

In any case, I’ve asked the eng. team because I don’t find it in the docs either, nor in the API docs.

thanks @anton5mith

I did a script called by cloud-init that calls MAAS and AWX to run all the ansible config on the deployed machine.

I’d like to use “note” to see the status of the ansible stuff, running… failed… done.

Since it takes about 5 minutes to complete I’d like the ops to see at a glance if the machine is ready to prod for sure…


ok got it, nice.

I think you could achieve the same thing with tags. Create a tag with a name structure like “ansible:running”, then when you move to next state delete that tag and add a new one.


already did some tests with tags !


Phrancesco, apparently that note field in the UI will be populated by using the static annotation. Which on CLI is called description ( :frowning: )

maas $PROFILE machine update $SYSTEM_ID description="$STATIC_ANNOTATION"

Try it, and see if you see the note change in the config screen. This is the first reply I gave up above.

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