Please update ubuntu 22.04 MAAS kernel


it looks like packages for kernel modules for kernel 5.15.0-69-generic were removed from the ubuntu jammy repositories in the last day or two. The latest MAAS image for ubuntu jammy uses kernel 5.15.0-69. This means that there you can’t provision new jammy systems using MAAS images if they need extra kernel modules from linux-modules-* or linux-modules-extra-* packages. The Ubuntu cloud-images are already on 5.15.0-72, for example.

Please update the images (the files available at ).

Also please setup some sort of monitoring so that you detect issues like this on your own without people having to debug issues like this. Like having a daily job that provisions a fresh jammy system, runs some tests and sends a report.

Or coordinate better with upstream so they report to you if they delete packages from repos.

I used the maas-images tool to create new images based off current cloud-images and that resolved the issue as now the system is running on 5.15.0-72 kernel. I’ll now integrate this into my CI/CD pipeline so that I don’t need to depend on the MAAS project to update images on time.

Hi Peter,

Sorry to hear you’re having problems with deploying Jammy from the stable stream. Thanks for letting us know. Yeah, it’s frustrating to have missing kernel module packages for Ubuntu Jammy and it does impact system provisioning.

By the way, have you tried deploying from the candidate stream? This approach may yield better results in the short term.

Good suggestion on monitoring and coordination with upstream. Nice. We are always trying to improve our processes so things run more smoothly. We do collaborate with the Ubuntu community and stay in touch. Any specific suggestions or ideas to enhance our coordination efforts?

MAAS is open source, so don’t forget that community contributions are always welcome. Please feel free to contribute.

In the end, it’s good to hear that you resolved the issue by creating new images, by using the maas-images tool and integrating it into your CI/CD pipeline. You’re obviously a resourceful, independent developer.

Again, thanks for the feedback – and for being an active and vocal member of the community. I, for one, always like when people say what they mean – it’s more usable feedback. Your contributions and insights are valuable to the ongoing development of MAAS.