PfSense + PXE Boot Solution

Hey all, in case someone else ends up here via Google looking for the settings for their PfSense box to handle DHCP but send PXE over to MaaS, I want them to find this. The settings I used on the DHCP Server tab are as follows:

Enable DHCP: On (for obvious reasons)
TFTP Server: (your maas controller ip)
Networking Booting: Enabled
Next Server: (your maas controller ip again)
Default Bios File Name: bootx64.efi
UEFI 32 bit file name: bootx64.efi
UEFI 64 bit file name: bootx64.efi
Root Path: (I left this empty)

I was having a really hard time getting my machines to talk to the TFTP/PXE server until I added those settings in the DHCP server on the LAN. I hope this helps someone.

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Hi Jonathan,

Any chance you can file a bug report in and confirm the version of MAAS you are using.

That said, this could actually be related to a firmware issue, but a bug report would better allow for this to be tracked and triaged.


You know what I’d really like? Some settings to get my EdgeRouter (ER-8) to run DHCP and MAAS to handle everything else. It’s been like pulling teeth to get those two to talk to each other.