Openstack Nova Power Configuration Error

Hi, I’m trying to set up the OpenstackNova Power Type on MAAS but I keep stuck in a “Power Error” status.

I can ping the VM (00-teste) from the controller.
Any thoughts on this?

The error message that shows up now is: “Unable to power off 00-teste: Power control software is missing from the rack controller ‘maas-controller.maas’. To proceed, install the python3-novaclient package”

I went to and installed pip and then
pip install python-novaclient

Rebooted the maas-controller but still shows the error message.

Hello @jbacelo,

I have the same error to configure power type in MAAS for openstack virtual machine for a project.

Do you have find something about this from February 2020 ?

I search a lot and i didn’t find something.

Best regards