Official MAAS charm

MAAS is often used in charmed deployments, and in BootStack we have developed a barebone charm to add monitoring to MAAS.

I think a proper, official MAAS charm would be a terrific addition to the charm ecosystem.

To avoid a sort of chicken and egg problem this could be a charm focused only (or only at first) on day 2 operations and monitoring (i.e. not support deploying MAAS).

I can see the following features as being extremely useful:

  • actions to restore postgres replication after a failover (or auto-healing)
  • easy integration with charmed observability stacks
  • proper integration with other charms (e.g. ntp)
  • actions to facilitate backups (and integration with backup charms like duplicity or juju-backup-all)
  • actions to facilitate upgrades

Hi, I see MAAS 3.2 has just been released and Iā€™m very happy to see integration with modern observability stacks (i.e. the COS). The installation steps are however very manual, which in my opinion absolutely begs for automation via juju. A charmed MAAS would definitely make monitoring MAAS 3.2 a lot easier to manage.