NTP crashed - Fatal Exited too quickly

I am using Maas snap version 3.1.2. After installation, ntp crashed and could not be run. I have turned off all other ntp and chronyd services.
I have attached the error description in the attached images.

maas status

Hi @tamnd17 ,

I’d say 3.1.2 is a bit outdated. I’d suggest to upgrade to a newest version and open a bug on launchpad if the issue persists

I also tried to update the version to 3.4 but when I initialized, I was having an error RuntimeErrorL can’t start new thread.
I reported this bug here: Bug #2055401 “Error when upgrade maas snap v3.1.2. to 3.4” : Bugs : MAAS

Replied on launchpad. Run

sudo snap refresh --channel=3.4/stable maas

To upgrade

I upgraded successfully. This error happened when i init maas: maas init region+rack …