Nodes booted out of MAAS entirely, when user deletes API key

I have noticed that when the API Key used to deploy a node is deleted, those nodes are deleted out of MAAS entirely.

Is this behavior expected/intentional? Or is a bug?

I would expect that a deployed nodes return to ‘ready’ status at worst, and was surprised to see that they were booted out entirely.

We discovered this when a user deleted their API key without talking to us first.

In order to prevent this ungraceful behavior in the future, we are considering ripping API keys out of the database for any nodes found, to prevent users from booting their nodes out of MAAS unintentionally.


We experienced the same.

How did you recover the deleted nodes?

The nodes had to be manually re-added to MAAS and re-deployed.

I never received any follow up from the developers as to why this happens.