No WoL on Maas

I’ve some devices that work only with WoL (Wake on Lan) after the boot from Pxe I see that on Maas (ver. 2.5.0) but there isn’t any the option about WoL as Power Type.
Someone knows how i can resolve that? thanks

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MAAS needs to be able to power on, off, and check the power status of a machine. WoL only allows for a machine to be turned on which is why it is not supported. MAAS does have the manual power type to allow to manually power control a machine. Otherwise you may want to look at getting a PDU which is supported by MAAS.

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Wow, that really sucks. I know that having a PDU is the best option to start/stop a machine, but at least support a way to work with custom HW like a RaspberryPi or some other device that may provide that feature. Having a form with 2 fields for start and stop, to allow the user to input custom ‘Advanced’ commands would be great.

Some might use Web relays to power down/up the devices.

2 Likes might help. It’s not a supported method though, and as @ltrager said, WoL is very limited and was removed for a reason.

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We too would appreciate having WoL returned as a simple option for those of us making use of the “Manual” option.