NIC was connected but MAAS 2.7 mark it as disconnected

I have Intel server with 4x 40GB ethernet NICs. These 4 ports are connected to network switch.

However, when I added the machine in MAAS. It only showed that 2 NIC are connected but not the other 2 NICs. What can I do to mark the 2 NICs as connected and use them as bond1 device?

enp175s0f1 and enp24s0f1 are connected to switch. How can I configure them to use 10.5.66.X subnet?

You can override what MAAS detected by selecting the drop down on the right and clicking “Mark as connected”

In MAAS 2.7 the link state is detected by the commissioning script, 50-maas-01-commissioning. Can you check the output to see if enp175s0f1 and enp24s0f1 have link_detect set to true?

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